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We believe that all kiwi kids should have the opportunity to learn to swim and survive. Use the tools on this page to get your kids in the water, and learning these valuable skills.

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Join the 200m Club!

The Swim for Life passport is your ticket to our 200m club, a club all kiwi kids aspire to be part of. Track your achievements here while we share some choice tips with you along the way. 
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Quick Tips

  • At the pool, children under eight should be actively supervised by a caregiver over the age of 16. Lifeguards are not babysitters!
  • Lead by example – always enter the water carefully, feet first.
  • Children under five should always be within sight AND reach.


For even more tips and ideas for helping your child become safer and more confident in the water, check out these videos.

Head over to our Youtube channel to comment on videos and share with other parents.
Water survival skills with Oscar and the girls. Watch water survival skills with Oscars and the girls.

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