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Your Passport to 200m!

Ready to jump in and learn to swim and survive? Grab a Sealord Swim for Life passport and you’ll be on your way to joining the 200 metre club! All you need to do is fill out the form below.

Step One

Enter your details into this form and we’ll send you a passport so you can track your progress and be on your way to becoming a stronger, safer and more competent swimmer!

Find your postcode

Step Two

Keep track of your progress each term/year as you learn new skills – as you go, fill out the passport with the achievement stickers. Have a flick through the pages to see what’s inside! Don’t forget to try the survival skills along with the individual achievements and keep working towards your 200m swim.

Step Three

Congratulations! Reaching this step means you’ve completed your passport and a 200 metre swim – you’re now a member of the 200 metre club! Fill out the section below and we will send you a certificate so you can show everyone your great achievement.  Don’t stop now though – why not try swimming 400 metres, or join your local surf life saving club?  Every year remember to test yourself again to make sure you can still swim 200m.

Find your postcode