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We know how challenging it can be to get kids to a pool to participate in a quality learn to swim and survive programme. We’re here to help.

Sealord Swim for Life (SSFL) works with regional partners to support schools and local communities to deliver learn to swim programmes.

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Get Involved

Each Sealord Swim for Life initiative is unique depending on each region’s needs. Most initiatives fund five to ten professional lessons for primary school children. Use the contact form to find out more about getting involved with Sealord Swim for Life.


Send us your success stories

We’re always keen to hear and share new stories of young kiwi swimmers – our partners love reading about your success – whether you are just starting out or a more experienced 200m swimmer.

Head over to our contact page to submit your story and we’ll publish it on the website and Facebook page.

You never know, your story could inspire others to take the plunge and one day maybe even save lives like Khian Westrupp from Riverdale School who rescued a seven year old boy from a near drowning.

Quick TIps

Make sure your students know these basic water safety rules:

  1. Never swim alone – or as it reads in the passport “Always go together”
  2. Swim between the flags
  3. Look before you leap and always enter the water feet first
  4. Obey all safety signs and listen to lifeguards
  5. Know your limits – don’t go out of your depth 

For more water safety tips and activities check out the passport page.  Each page of the passport has helpful water safety hints for all ages.

Benefits of Swim for Life


Your school will enjoy many benefits through your involvement in Sealord Swim for Life. All children receive a passport that has nine milestones to achieve on their journey to swimming 200m. It also includes survival skills and water safety tips on every page. There is a sticker sheet attached inside the passport for the children to place the appropriate sticker on each milestone completed, i.e. the “5m that’s great!” sticker will be placed on the 5 metre swim page.

Certificate and Database

The final reward for the children upon the completion of a 200m swim is a SSFL certificate. Through being a part of SSFL you simply send us a spreadsheet of the names of students who have achieved the 200m swim and certificates will then be produced for each child. You can also track your schools results through our Sealord Swim for Life database and see how your school’s swimming achievements compare to other schools regionally and across New Zealand.