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We support learn to swim and survive initiatives in many New Zealand communities by working collaboratively with regional sports trusts, local authorities and community swim providers.

Get Involved

Each Sealord Swim for Life initiative is unique depending on each region’s needs. Most initiatives fund five to ten professional lessons for primary school children. Use the contact form to find out more about getting involved with Sealord Swim for Life.


Initiatives around NZ

Northland: Swim for Life
Five day block of intensive learn to swim and survive lessons. Poolside and online training for teachers.
Greater Auckland: GAAAP
Lessons from professional instructors, targeting Year 3-6 pupils from low decile schools.
Counties Manukau: Swim for Life
Ten free lessons with professional instructors for 4400 Years 3-6 students.
Bay of Plenty: Go4it - Swim it
Professional lessons for Years 5-6. Top up lessons for low decile, high need rural schools.
Waikato: SportsForce Swim Project
Teacher training and poolside assistance, lessons for primary school students.
Gisborne Tairawhiti: Sealord Swim for Life
Training for teachers and swim instructors. Lessons for Years 1-6.
Hawke's Bay: Hawke's Bay Swim Project
Teacher PD and top up lessons for high need schools, reduce student teacher ratio for low achieving year groups.
Wanganui: Sealord Swim for Life
Filling the gaps with lessons for years 1-6, low decile schools.
Manawatu: THM Swim for Life
Training for teachers and professional lessons for Years 3-6.
Hutt City Council: Fundamental Skills Project
Lessons for years 1-8 students, teacher PD and top up lessons for non swimmers.
Tasman: Sealord Swim for Life
Lessons for Years 3-6 students and poolside teacher PD.
Kaikoura: Tasman Sealord Swim for Life
Recently trained instructors travel to rural schools to deliver professional lessons.
Buller: Tasman Sealord Swim for Life
Lessons delivered to low decile rural schools.
Christchurch: Learn to Swim Project
8-10 day block of lessons for years 3-6 pupils.
Timaru: Swim for Life
Piloted five week block of lessons for years 3-6 students.
North Canterbury: Waiswim
Lessons for year 1-8 students.
Otago: Skills 2 Swim
Enhancing learn to swim lessons for students with 57% achieving a 200m swim.
Central Lakes Queenstown: Swim Safe
Initiated delivery to year 1-8 students with professional lessons and professional development for teachers.
Waitaki: Learn to Swim and Survive Project
Piloting ten lessons to year 3-6 students.
Southland: Swim Safe Southland
Filling the gap with lessons for year 1-8 pupils across Gore and Southland.

Benefits of Swim for Life

Passport and Certificate

Your swim school will enjoy many benefits through your involvement in Sealord Swim for Life. All children receive a passport that has nine milestones to achieve on their journey to swimming 200m. It also includes survival skills and water safety tips on every page. There is a sticker sheet attached inside the passport for the child to place the appropriate sticker on each milestone that they complete, i.e. the “5m that’s great!” sticker will be placed on the 5 metre swim page. The final reward for the children upon the completion of a 200m swim is a SSFL certificate.


Through being a part of SSFL you gain access to our Sealord Swim for Life database, so you can track your students progress and see how your swim school is going compared to other providers around New Zealand. As a swim school you also have the opportunity to have SSFL signage and banners in your facility. Contact us for more information on this.