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Stay afloat. Stay Alive.

Teach your kids these 4 tips

to help them survive!

To start, get in slow
Float to the surface like a mushroom
Stay afloat like a starfish
Finish with a longdog to the edge of the water

Oscar and Friends

Click to watch Oscar and friends showing you the essential water skills your kids need to be safe in the water.

Get your own free water safety passport here which is full of all the tips you see in the video.

Oscar tells us why . . . . . Oscar shares his frightening story of why he never learnt to swim as a kid and why he is supporting Sealord Swim for Life.

Sealord Swim for Life girls teach Oscar water skills Cute and confident Sealord Swim for Life girls show Oscar the skills they have learnt through the initiative.

Get your free water safety passport

The Sealord Swim for Life passport is your personal record to see how well your kids are learning to swim and survive.

As you achieve the skills use the stickers to mark your achievements.

Together the skills build towards being able to swim longer and stronger with the end goal of being able to swim 200m.

Get yours now!

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